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Social Media Marketing

What is Social Media Marketing (SMM)?

  • Social Media Marketing is marketing on social platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and LinkedIn where people can converse, share their profiles, news, photos, ideas and work projects.
  • Social media can be used by businesses as an effective and measurable way to achieve consumer engagement and attract potential customers to your website, or your place of business. It also increases brand presence and can give your business excellent publicity.
  • Hard selling is not effective on social media platforms; the objective is to get people interested and engaged by providing authentic information, so as to create growing brand awareness by positive word of mouth.

Objective of Social Media Marketing (SMM)?

Facebook Overview:

With over 800 million users (and growing), Facebook is the largest online social network. While bringing together friends and family, Facebook also offers a rich platform for business purposes allowing you to share unlimited content, including images and videos.

Twitter Overview:

Twitter is a ‘micro blogging’ platform which allows users to post short messages and converse with other users. Unlike email or text messaging, these conversations take place in the open and engage audiences in discussions about services, products, issues, the company and brand – connecting a vast amount of like minded people in an often targeted and purposeful way.

What we can do for you on Social Media?

  • Research – by monitoring social media, we learn valuable information and identify trends about your industry, your customers and competitors. Increase awareness of your brand/product – social media will help raise your brand awareness and help you become a recognizable name in your industry.
  • Connect and engage – sharing valuable content will help you connect with your target market and engage with them, which leads to profitable relationships.

Social Media Content

  • Generate leads – media is not about the hard sell, it is about creating awareness and building trust which in turn directs potential customers to your place of business.
  • Keep your customers coming back – We help you build deeper relations with your customers by engaging with them & creating a bond that will earn you trust and lifetime customer royalty.